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I Believe In Love

(Ron Randolf)

You say this time it's really over
You say you want me out of your life
You say you're still in love but all the push and shove
is drivin' you right out of your mind.

It seems that I've managed to extinguish the light
That used to shine so bright in your eyes.
It seems that I've silenced the laughter in your heart
and now all that's left for us is goodbye.

But I believe - I believe - I believe in love! - in our love!

I don't believe in coincidence
I just believe in you and me
I don't believe in accidents
Together we were destined to be.

Let me rekindle the light in your eyes
Loosen the laugh in your heart.
We can sing, joke and dream almost any old thing
Don't let this grey everyday routine rip us apart!

But I believe - I believe - I believe in love! - in our love!