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You're My Home

(Ron Randolf)

I been away for two weeks - I sure would like to see your smile
But an ocean has intruded on the optics for a while
Long-distance is a little treat - Email keeps me in the know
But nothing can replace that touchy-feely kind of show
I just wanna go-

Home - Going home
Home - Where I belong
In your arms - That's my home

Everything here is great - I really can't complain
The food is good, the people loose and not a drop of rain
But until I look you in the eyes - I'm a stranger on a foreign shore
I'm lost in space, I'm out of place - In limbo or at war
It's you I'm yearning for


Home's not closets full of clothes - Home's not walls, doors and windows
Home's not country, town or crew - Home is where I am with you!