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Secret Love

(Ron Randolf)

Chorus 1:
And a secret love - Will take you where it wants to
And a secret love - Just won't make up its mind
But a secret love - Can get you feelin' so blue
And a secret love - Will get you every time.

When you've a secret love - That no one else know of
Except a special few - Who help you see it through
A smile's always on your face - Of trouble there is no trace
And you're in a place that you've wanted to be for oh, so long.

Chorus 2:
And a secret love - Can open up perceptions
And a secret love - Can make your lovelight shine
But a secret love - Can break down old conceptions
And a secret love - Might make you lose your mind!

When you first open up your heart - You can't hide that love in the dark
You'll want to sing and shout - Tell the world what it's all about
But it don't always work out that way - Sometimes the price is too much to pay
But you pay part of it anyway and stay with your secret love.