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(Peter Rowan)

Iíve been a moonshiner for neigh on 20 years
I spend all my money on whisky and beer
I go down in some holler and set up my still
Iíll sell you a gallon for a 2-dollar bill.

Iíll eat when Iím hungry and Iíll drink when Iím dry
If whisky donít kill me, Iíll live Ďtil I die
God bless you moonshiners, youíre all friends of mine
And their breath is more sweeter than the dew on the vine.

Iíll go down to the grocery and Iíll drink with my friends
With no women there to bother me and ask how much I spend
God bless them pretty women Ė I wish one was mine
For their breath is more sweeter than even moonshine.